Revolutionary Technology for
Wastewater Treatment

Providing Innovative Solutions

Solving Wastewater Issues

Solving Wastewater Issues

Our mission is use revolutionary technology to solve current and imminent water challenges.

Clean Water

Welcome to Nova Water of Canada, a global organization with offices representing seven Canadian provinces and the United States.

We are a First Nation owned and controlled environmentally conscious firm providing revolutionary technology that replaces out-dated and conventional biological wastewater treatment methods resulting in:

  • Substantially lower capital costs
  • Significantly reduced operational costs
  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Capability of integration with existing systems
  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Rapid treatment of wastewater
  • Smaller physical footprint
  • Less maintenance and servicing
  • One technician operating the entire system
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Modular and scalable system
  • Adaptability for changing needs
  • Significantly reduced build time
  • Elimination of foul odours and leakage
  • Various water quality outputs

We deliver the expertise, innovative technology and knowledge to ensure a safe and secure water treatment system.

We started our company to address the lack of safe drinking water for Indigenous communities and to bring our solution globally to communities and large-scale entities seeking an efficient and sustainable solution to their wastewater and water needs.

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Revolutionary Technology

Nova Water of Canada offers revolutionary technology, which brings pure and clean water to communities.

Nova Water

Clean Water Solutions

Nova Water of Canada has teamed with Eco World Water, a Florida-based company that has patented mechanical water treatment systems.

Together we offer scalable and expandable solutions to provide clean water.

Your Benefits and Savings

  • Capital Cost of the system is 75% of conventional systems
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated
  • Operating Cost is 70 - 80% of conventional systems
  • Processing Time to treat wastewater is minutes, not days
  • Physical Size of the system is 80% smaller than a conventional system
  • Modular Design is scalable/expandable that accommodates increased capacity
  • Mobility is flexible, with mobile units available for temporary or lease installations
  • Availability is immediate, no long-term construction required
  • Water Quality is adjustable based on membrane selection, enabling water reuse to potable water

Meets Supplier Diversity Mandates

As a First Nation owned and controller entity Nova Water of Canada qualifies as a diverse/minority supplier allowing you to meet your government or corporate supply chain mandate. This designation is applicable in both Canada and the United States.



Our units mitigate the risks of contracting Covid-19. Although the science is not definitive on the level of spread risk of COVID 19 through wastewater processing the risk exists, especially in communities with poor infrastructure. The closed system, without open lagoons and airborne gases, helps limit the exposure.

Our Environment Stewardship

We passionately care about water, and the impact that our solutions have on the environment. Treating wastewater should not be a land intensive, open system generating harmful gases and occupying a significant footprint. Land usage, especially in rural areas, should be dedicated for producing food and products that have a direct and ongoing positive impact on communities. Our technology eliminates greenhouse gas emissions in the treatment of wastewater.

Imagine cleaner rivers and lakes. Higher quality air for you and your ancestors. No smelly, unsightly lagoons. Land that is blossoming in the spring and being harvested in the summer and fall. Land that can be used for recreational facilities enhancing the quality of life for all.

Nova Water of Canada is focused on delivering solutions that will protect the earth and sky while delivering sustainable benefits for generations to follow.

Potable Water

Potable Water

Potable water is a reliable source for pure drinking water. Our system is capable of treating effluent that has exceeded both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) primary and secondary drinking water standards with significant margins.

Domestic Water

Domestic Water

Water used for domestic purposes (grey water) is a scarce resource that can be reused through effective wastewater management techniques with our system.

Industrial Water

Industrial Water

Industrial water usage is a massive strain on water resources. Our solution delivers wastewater management practices that reduce the exploitation of natural water resources allowing for continual industrial reuse.

Nova Water

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Nova Water of Canada is a registered Aboriginal supplier with the Indigenous Business Directory (IBD) of Indigenous Services Canada – under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB).

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