Wastewater Treatment in Canada

Nova Water of Canada

We have an alliance with one of Florida’s top revolutionary technology companies to deliver a tailored, scalable and expandable solution that will deliver clean and safe water.

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Nova Water

Water - The Essence of Life

Nova Water of Canada brings this at a scale meeting your community's needs - whether a city of 200,000, a hamlet of 800, an industrial site, an agricultural or animal processing venture - our solution can be tailored and scaled to meet the wide and varying demands and constraints you face.

Nova Water

We work with you

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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Nova Water

Conventional Systems

Conventional wastewater treatment uses an environmentally unfriendly combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes and operations to remove solids and organic matter from wastewater.

Nova Water of Canada

Our Approach

With our revolutionary technology, we shift from the traditional biological treatment method to a physical/chemical treatment process, with a significantly reduced footprint and cost and operating advantages.

Nova Water

Your Benefits

Our solutions improve the wastewater and water industry in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Your Benefits and Savings

  • Capital Cost of the system is 75% of conventional systems
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated
  • Operating Cost is 70 - 80% of conventional systems
  • Processing Time to treat wastewater is minutes, not days
  • Physical Size of the system is 80% smaller than a conventional system
  • Modular Design is scalable/expandable that accommodates increased capacity
  • Mobility is flexible, with mobile units available for temporary or lease installations
  • Availability is immediate, no long-term construction required
  • Water Quality is adjustable based on membrane selection, enabling water reuse to potable water