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Municipal Wastewater

The Nova Water of Canada system is designed to solve wastewater problems that urban, suburban, sub-divisions, rural and remote communities face.

The scalable and expandable systems are ideal for remote communities and larger urban centers, with designs that produce clean water either for reuse or as potable water, all with an insignificant carbon footprint. 

Nova Water

Food Production

Chicken, cattle, pork and dairy operations have a complex and vast reliance on water usage creating complex wastewater issues. Biological contaminants can pose serious environmental impacts on the clean water supply and strain already heavily used systems. Also, operators are reducing their carbon footprint, while generating renewable natural gas, through anaerobic digestion.

Industrial Applications

The Nova Water of Canada system is designed to meet the requirements of industrial sites, from the specific wastewater requirements of pulp facilities to the requirements in a variety of oil and energy installations.

The integrated wastewater treatment system is designed to remove contaminants and suspended solids (sand and stones), large molecule dissolved solids, with the system designed to disinfects the water and remove chemicals. The full range of wastewater treatment makes this system adaptable to a wide range of industrial applications.

Nova Water

Large Facilities

Organizations are building facilities with a large footprint to accommodate the delivery of their services and/or products. These include hospitals, business centres, distribution centers and ports of entry, among others. Their leadership seek environmentally favorable solutions in all areas, including the management of wastewater.

Whether providing treated wastewater to the current municipal system or having a stand alone system that will provide usable water in house, our systems provide solutions that will benefit both your site as well as the existing municipal system.